Geodesic domes for temporary and permanent applications

Geodesic domes for hire and purchase. For events but also as semi permanent constructions. Can be of great use for example to run a restaurant for a season. We create all kinds of constructions, from very small (that might serve as hotel rooms in the mountains) to the largest constructions in the industry.

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About freedomes

What is Freedomes?

Freedomes is the international company that supplies customers all over the world. Our main goal is to be a leader in temporary structures industry. We rent and sell Freedomes Geodesic Domes for various applications. Many of our customers work in event industry. But we also provide our structures to land owners, small hotels, golf clubs, restaurants and many others.

What exactly does Freedomes make?

Our main product, that you can buy or hire, is geodesic dome transported and assembled in the place of your choice. Geodesic dome consists of the following elements. Reinforced steel frame in a shape of geodesic dome, that is assembled on site. Top quality PVC membrane that can be white, transparent or covered in any color or branding of your choice. The other part is flooring system, not always necessary, but helps with hiding ballast for larger domes.

Sizes may vary from 6m in diameter to 30m and 15 m height. The largest construction can comfortably suit nearly 700 people (sitting).

We also produce FDomes for holiday and accommodation industry that works great as mobile hotel rooms even in very remote areas like northern Finland or Iceland.

How does the order process looks like?

After we get in touch, you will be asked few basic questions. Where you need the dome to be assembled, when and what will it be used for. With all needed info we prepare an offer that best suits your needs. In the offer we will also include many logistic matters that will be resolved. Among many others we take into account limited assembly time, transportation challenges (in one of our projects we had to transport parts and crew with a helicopter to a remote area in Alps). Make sure that all permits and requirements are met. We will sign an agreement and get busy working on your project.

How much experience does Freedomes have?

Being around ten years on the market allowed us to successfully finish over 500 projects. Many of the projects included multiple geodesic domes in one area. We have experienced crew that can assembly any structure, we offer, in short time. Our engineers take care of all projects, safety checks and control every aspect of the project. We are prepared for many various situations that may occure on site. Our domes survived rapid weather changes, even tornadoes, and thanks to our overall experience we can prepare them to stand, for example, on a roof of a building.

Can I use Freedomes constructions all year round?

Freedomes Geodesic Domes provide safe and weatherproof shelter in any climate conditions. Thanks to it’s unique shape, high quality design and build, the domes can be used all year round in just about any environment. Storms, heavy winds, blizzards and even earthquakes can be resisted by our unusually durable structures.

Air conditioning or/and heating system can be easily applied to your Freedomes Geodesic Dome. Air circulation inside makes appliance of any of the above very effective way of heating or cooling down the interior of your geodesic structure.

Can you deliver your product to my country?

The basic answer is YES, we can! Our products and services are distributed worldwide and no distance ever made us stop. Our team is proud of international character of Freedomes, and will always do its best to do their job all around the world. As we mentioned before, we have done some awesome projects in Finland, North and South Americas, Europe, Saudi Arabia and Africa.

Longer journeys require specific preparations such as vaccines, permits and visas (if necessary). We have established procedures to have the preparations done as quick as possible.

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Event Domes are designed and manufactured by Freedomes – a leading global manufacturer and supplier of geodesic dome structures for temporary and permanent applications.

All our structures are available for short- and long-term rental and purchase. We are event experts with over 500 projects realised in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa. 

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