Coca Cola Christmas Tour
Coca Cola Christmas Tour – Christmas celebrations finale in the biggest Igloo in Europe

The Freedome 700 event dome was set up right in the middle of the charming Vienna’s old-town, especially for the final of the Coca-Cola Christmas Truck Tour.

The legends surrounding the contemporary image of the venerable Father Christmas for quite some time now have been pointing at the famous Coca-Cola company. It is quite hard to argue or disprove this theory, since the TV ads showing the red Christmas trucks decorated with the image of a bearded fellow enjoying a bottle of Coke are heralding the nearing Christmas time as effectively as dark clouds are heralding a rainstorm.

Freedomes was more than happy to become a part of this urban legend, when, right before Christmas Time, our Freedome 700 event dome became the temporary residence of Father Christmas right in the very center of Vienna.

Thanks to the use of heating equipment, this residence was far more comfortable than the one in the North Pole, at least inside the event dome, and through the use of lighting, the overall impression was not that far from what a Christmas Tree would bring to mind. Inside the dome tent, which due to its considerable size took up most of the town square, every single person impatiently awaiting the arrival of the trucks, could not only warm themselves up but also eat and drink something warm.

For all those curious about the destination where all the Coca-Cola trucks are heading in the TV ads, you finally got your answer – they are all heading towards Freedomes event structures.