One could think that lovers of hillside fun would be short on snow in London. And how wrong would one be. The start-of-the-season snow and good fun was taken care of by LG Freeze, the organiser of the event that took place in the first weekend of November by the Battersea Power Station in central London. An artificial snow slope was placed there, and a stage was put up for Calvin Harris and Audio Bullys, among others, to perform. Freedomes was part of the picture there as well.

Among other large tents, we erected the Freedome 75 spherical structure, which was situated on an elevated platform and rose above the participants’ heads, and could not be left unnoticed. The snow-white dome made an ideal contrast with the industrial atmosphere of the Battersea Power Station, a characteristic power plant, known from a Pink Floyd album cover, among other things.

Our Freedomes spherical structure of an area of 75m2 bravely withstood the whims of London weather and perfectly fulfilled its role as the Life is Good Hub. The dome held projectors and screens which helped connect the virtual world with the real one, bringing together modern social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Myspace.

As part of LG Freeze, Battle of Britain took place, during which the British showed that they’re not to be messed with on the slope. The three-day event attracted thousands of snowboard fans, and our tent held crowds of visitors.