On the 6th of September 2008 the final event of Red Bull X-Fighters series was staged at the 10th-Anniversary Stadium in Warsaw. Freedomes delivered the dome tents housing the VIP section.

Especially for this occasion, the most innovative freestyle motocross track was built at the stadium. On the night of 6th September, 35.000 viewers cheered for the best FMX competitors in the world during the Red Bull X-Fighters finals. It was the last such big event held at the 10th-Anniversary Stadium just before its disassembly and building the new National Stadium. It was also the first edition of Red Bull X-Fighters ever held in Poland and the whole of Middle-Eastern Europe.

Especially for Red Bull X-Fighters, Freedomes delivered three event domes of a total surface of 675 m2. Spherical structures were used in the VIP and SuperVIP sections. The innovative structure was covered with the light impervious OPAK fabric, which allowed for fantastic light-play, creating a unique atmosphere. Two Freedomes 300 tents were connected by an illuminated transparent tunnel.