The eyes of football fans throughout the world, especially those impatiently getting themselves pumped up before the upcoming EURO 2012 tournament, for this single night were universally turned to Munich, where the local Bayern Munich was taking on Chelsea London for the most important and prestigious club trophy in Europe.

If the whole football world was focused on the famous Allianz Arena in Munich, Freedomes had to be there as well. Thousands of football fans visited our event domes – Freedome 150 and Freedome 30 – where they could get their hands on the latest technologies offered by SONY and get a chance to experience everything they had to offer first hand.

The Freedome 150 event dome was packed with technological novelties (as well as our round trusses) and despite the huge number of visitors, even after the whole week long Champion’s Festival, looked as impressive as it did right after the assembly.

From the outside, the Freedomes dome structures were branded in a way that did not leave any space for doubt as to the name of the company that was exhibiting inside and thanks to our AC packages, they also offered a chance to hide from the heat pouring down from the Munich sky.

Freedomes are a regular guest at all the Champion’s League Finals and right now we are just waiting for the day when we can see football players coming on the pitch with the Freedomes logo on their chests.