On the 1st of May, in the sunny capital of Catalonia, the finals of the world’s largest interactive football tournament – FIFA Interactive World Cup 2010 – took place.

After several months of qualifiers, which almost 800.000 players from all over the world took part in, 32 players were selected to compete for the title of world champion in picturesque Port Olympic – Barcelona.

Commissioned by Sony and in cooperation with the British Amplify agency, we provided the Freedome 75 dome tent, along with the flooring. Our spherical structure was used as a central point for the Sony PlayStation 3 presentations, which held football matches, and the interactive EA Sports games, accessible to the tent’s visitors, were a great success with the public.

Our original flooring system was enthusiastically received by multimedia specialists from London’s RockIt company, who placed the entire wiring system underneath the floor. Thanks to that, kilometres of cables connecting LCD monitors, PlayStation 3 consoles, lighting and PA systems were aesthetically concealed.

Thanks to the use of the light impervious OPAK membrane, in connection with the tent’s front made of the same fabric, we ensured an appropriate dimming of the tent. That enabled comfortable use of LCD monitors and prevented the tent from heating up despite the sunny day and a heated atmosphere in the Port Olympic marina.

A pleasant feeling of refreshment and the cooling of electronic equipment were ensured by an air-conditioner placed outside the tent and connected by a sleeve.

Patrick Kluivert, former FC Barcelona player and representative of the Netherlands, added splendour to the event with his presence, and the audience was accompanied by music all day, with the Groove Armada duo being the unquestionable star. The ones made weary by the football world could admire the views of the nearby beach and the Mediterranean… or relax on cosy seats inside the Freedomes dome tent.